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An Assessment includes a look at:

  • Presentation

  • Plot

  • Character development

  • Stage managing

  • The title

  • Commercial viability

  • Publisher/reader appeal

  • Where you go from here


An Edit includes:

Checking spelling, grammar, punctuation errors (edit) and can include critiquing elements of design and layout (Full Edit) if the work is at that stage (ie almost ready to send to a printer).



Picture Book Assessment

I have a standard fee for a picture book or junior novel assessment, where the text word count is less than 3,000 words, this includes some editing where the assessment needs to comment on some elements of grammar or punctuation.

Cost: $250


Novel Assessment

Along with the assessment as outlined above I will also do some editing, for example on the first chapter, where examples of common errors in punctuation or grammar need to be mentioned in the assessment. I also make notes on logic or stage managing throughout the manuscript.

For less than 3,000 words a standard fee of $250.00. Over 3,000 words please request a quote, include a word count.



This includes combining provided text and images using InDesign and is charged in stages (usually 3 stages) by negotiation. The service includes:

  • 3 design concepts for discussion

  • First proof - provided as a PDF via email for client to check

  • Second proof - provided as a PDF for client to check corrections

  • Final proof - for sign-off before despatch to the printer

  • Liason with the printer to provide the final files to their specifications

Any additional proofing will be charged at $10 per page correction.

COST: $60 per page



This service includes:

  • 3 illustration concepts for discussion on style. Images will either be generated in Illustrator or Photoshop.

  • Roughs - black and white line drawings provided as a PDF via email for discussion.

  • First digital proof - provided as a PDF for client to approve

  • Final digital files - provided as jpg or png, on disk, despatched to the designer.

Any additional changes after roughs are approved equates to a new page.

COST: $200 per page for full colour, full sized digital images. Variations to be negotiated individually.


A portion of the payment is due up-front before services are performed - check the instructions on your quote/invoice. If necessary, the edit can be broken into chunks so that clients make a partial payment (1/2 the book, a single chapter, etc.), then that chunk of the edit is performed and emailed to the client, then another payment is made, and so on as we work through the book.


Payment should be made by direct debit to my account 12-3139-0031825-00 - please double check before you send - quoting your invoice number in the reference.


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please get in touch:

Design includes:

Providing the look and finish of the book, whether picture book, novel or text book. Usually the internal pages and the cover are considered as separate jobs, though liason between designers of these elements is recommended if separate designers are used. The service is boken down into stages - see the fees below.


Illustration includes:

Providing colour or black and white drawings/paintings to illustrate the text. I use either Illustrator or Photoshop for the finished work, although acrylic paintings can be considered if appropriate to the finish required. A charge per illustration or per page of illustration is negotiated depending on the client's requirements and the complexity of the work.

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